World Travel Reference Lorain County

World Travel Reference Lorain County

Vacationing abroad is an opportunity that is highly coveted by everyone. Many preparations must be considered when going on vacation abroad. Not only items that need to be prepared, vacations abroad also make the perpetrators think about the convenience of getting a delicious meal. For Muslims, they should really look for a tourist destination that offers halal food to make it easier for them to get snacks during the holidays. If they are lucky, not only halal food will be obtained but also the facilities for places of worship offered by world tourist sites.

Japan, known as the country of cherry blossoms, is one of the halal tourist destinations that Muslims can choose from. Because Japanese Muslims are a minority group, tourists will find it difficult to find places of worship. But don’t worry, Japan is now targeting tourists from Indonesia, the majority of whom are Muslim. Now places of worship for Muslims are not too difficult to find. Narita Airport is one of the places that provides a location for Muslim worship. Tokyo even set up a mosque in the city center and can be used by tourists to worship. Some restaurants in Japan have also been certified halal. Muslims will have no trouble finding halal food in Japan. Below are other world halal tours that can be visited by Muslims:

a. Malaysia is a country that offers halal tourism for visitors. This country adjacent to Indonesia serves halal food and worship facilities to tourists who come on vacation to Malaysia. At Genting Highland, there is also a casino with various slot online games that you can try, because in Indonesia, gambling is still illegal. Likewise in Indonesia, tourists who come to Malaysia will have no trouble finding places of worship and halal food menus.

b. Another country that offers halal tourism in the world is Morocco. The month of Ramadan is the right time for tourists who are interested in vacationing in Morocco. When on vacation, tourists will feel a thick atmosphere of a touch of Islam. In Morocco, there are many mosques that are designed with a unique appearance. The box-shaped mosque equipped with beautiful Moroccan carvings is a sight that can be enjoyed by tourists. The Sahara desert tourist location is one of the popular tourist sites in Morocco.

c. Being a country visited by many Muslim tourists, Thailand is starting to improve itself by developing halal tourism. One of the efforts made by the Thai government is to build the Al Meroz hotel, which is a 5-star hotel. This hotel has become a popular lodging place for Muslim tourists around the world. Halal food will not be hard to find. Thailand has around 160,000 food products that have been labeled halal for 15 years. With so many halal food products, Thailand should be a reference for world halal tourism.

Halal tourism can also be done in Turkey. Being a country whose population embraces Islam, it is not surprising that this country is included in the world’s halal tourism reference. This country even applies the TSE or Turkey Standards Institution service standards for tourists who come to Turkey. With this standard, every hotel in Turkey must comply with several regulations imposed in order to obtain a halal certificate in the form of a ban on providing alcoholic beverages, the availability of halal restaurants and places of worship. Today, there are about 50 halal hotels in Turkey. Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul are halal tourist attractions in Turkey.