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What do all these numbers mean?

Picture it…1955, George Washington Elementary School in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.  A young boy gets his first record and never looks back. Now, 60 years later, he’s established a family business of 16 years, lives out his passion every day, fuels the record revolution, and gives you a reason to visit North Central Ohio.

A record player from The Music Box.

Organist, repair man, collector, businessman, family man, movie lover, music lover, church goer, educator…these are just a few words to describe Earl Haug, founder and owner of The Music Box in Olmstead Falls, Ohio, that boy from George Washington Elementary.

Earl Haug got his first vinyl record in first grade and music has been a part of his life ever since. Starting his career as an organ repair man, Earl’s path led him to open his own business – The Music Box.


The Music Box is a specialty store carrying records, record players, radios, organs, tape recorders, clocks, and of course music boxes. The store also offers in-house repairs. One thing Earl has loved about his transition from organ-repair man to store owner is that it has allowed him to connect with his customers. He loves “tinkering”. Now instead of tinkering on his own with just organs, he’s able to talk to other “tinker-ers” and hobbyists every day that come into his store seeking repair and expanding their collections.


Earl is fond of sharing interests and hobbies with others. In fact, he shares one major hobby with other business owners in the area – trains. Earl’s shop is located in Grand Pacific Junction – a historic shopping district alongside the railroad where the shops date back to the mid-1800s. Earl says trains are another interest of his and many of his customers. He opens his doors for any guests to stay awhile in his Train Watching Room. Guests can have a seat nearly 50 feet from the train tracks and watch the passing cars, all within the warmth of the welcoming atmosphere of The Music Box.

Grand Pacific Junction

Besides watching trains and talking to visitors about music, Grand Pacific Junction is perfect for one of Earl’s other hobbies – organ playing. Earl has the opportunity to play the organ in the district’s 1800’s Wedding Chapel almost every weekend.

grand pacific junction

Earl’s practice of translating his passion into his career is inspiring. It also translates into a great shopping experience for visitors to Lorain County and North Central Ohio.

Can you picture it now? The story behind the numbers? The little boy from West Park? The man behind The Music Box?

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