The Interns Learn What’s “SUP”

We Visit Lorain County interns (or “funductors”) had another exciting adventure! We hit the water on Lakeview Beach in Lorain to check out stand up paddling (SUP) with Lake Erie Paddler.

Jim teaching on the beach

When Kaitlin and I first arrived on the beach, we watched Jim Lawhead, the founder of Lake Erie Paddler, teach his last class of the day to kids of the Outdoor Adventure Camp through the Lorain County Metroparks. The kids got a lesson on where to be on the board, how to paddle, and how to stand up once they got on the water. After the kids came in from their little trip around the cove, we got to chat with them for a while. One boy excitedly told us about how he loved paddle boarding so much he was asking for a board for his next birthday. Other kids talked about how they were nervous at first, but once they actually did it they realized it was much easier than they thought, and a lot of fun! We also asked the group what their favorite parts were and some of the answers were bouncing on the waves, the challenge when waves rocked their board a bit, or just everything about it!

Jim helping the kids get  settled on their boards

After watching the kids have a blast on the water, we decided to try it for ourselves! Read on for our reactions from our day on the water!


The interns out on the water

Paddle boarding was so much easier than I thought it would be! I was a little nervous on the drive over, not knowing what to expect. When we first got there I took some photographs of the kids getting ready and actually paddling out on the water. It was fun to see their excitement to try something new! Seeing all of the kids falling into the water made me a bit apprehensive, but after we watched a little closer, it seemed that most of the kids who fell in were being pushed. I’m glad that Melody and I weren’t into rough housing on the water! Our instructor, Julie, showed us the basics and had us go out pretty quickly. After our lesson, it seemed that the best way to get better was to practice! I had so much fun! It was great to just relax and float around out on the water. The great thing about SUP is that anyone can do it, which I found out on first hand on our trip! Out of everything to do at Lakeview beach, Melody and I definitely had the best time with Lake Erie Paddler!


Melody, Kaitlin, and instructor Julie enjoying the lake

Ok, I officially have the best summer internship there is. Going paddle boarding was one of the most fun things I’ve gotten to do all summer. I was a little hesitant when we first got to the beach (mostly because I had a meeting pretty soon after, and didn’t particularly want to get my hair wet) but it looked so fun I couldn’t justify hanging out on the beach and just watching. And, as it turned out, I managed to stay dry above my knees, so don’t even try that excuse ladies! We were off after a quick lesson from Jim’s right hand girl Julie, who is not only a SUP instructor but also really talented in other water sports like kite boarding and surfing! When I first pushed off I had a hard time finding my balance, but once I relaxed and settled into it, it was great! I had so much fun out on the water, and I’d love to get out there and try it again sometime. I have to admit- it’s a little addicting.

There you have it! It’s a pretty clear consensus; stand up paddling is an awesome way to spend a day. We officially give Lake Erie Paddler the funductor seal of approval! Check ’em out next time you’re planning a family day, birthday party, or maybe even date! When you’re ready to plan your day with them, make your reservation by calling 440.935.9291 or emailing 
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