Meet the Commemorative Air Force – Cleveland Wing

The Commemorative Air Force – Cleveland Wing graciously donated to the Lorain County Visitors Bureau an opportunity to ride in their World War II SNJ-4 trainer aircraft, known as the “Texan”. They wanted us to experience the thrill and excitement for ourselves so we could better promote them as a LCVB member. Well, we are definitely doing what we can to promote the Commemorative Air Force – Cleveland Wing and their flight experience package, but we thought our hardworking friends at the Lorain Coast Guard Station deserved the free ride instead. (OK, truth is, I get queasy just riding in a car!) But I did go to the Lorain County Airport to watch in person.

Pilot Richard Whelan of the Commemorative Air Force-Cleveland Wing, Mike Yokubaitus from USCG Station Lorain, and Lynne Lisner of the Lorain County Visitors Bureau.

Not only did I get to see the Texan aircraft up close, but they had quite a few unique items in their gallery.

Commemorative Air Force – Cleveland Wing hangar at the Lorain County Airport.

I would like to introduce to you a few gentlemen I had a chance to meet while visiting the hangar.

CAF members Tom Muller, Pilot Richard Whelan, and Robert Koran, CAF Finance Officer/Photographer.

They are all part of this organization that preserves and presents the heritage of World War II aviation. Membership to the CAF is open to anyone with a sincere interest in the preservation of World War II aircraft; you don’t have to be a pilot or military veteran. The CAF- Cleveland Wing meets once a month at the Lorain County Airport in Elyria and they appear at many regional air shows and events. You can even schedule them to appear at your own event!

For a tax deductable donation, you can experience a 30 minute flight in this beautifully preserved and well maintained historic military aircraft. If flying is not your thing, what a unique gift this would be!

Jason Fouse and his family traveled from PA for the Flight Experience. Photo by Bob Koran.

Thanks again to the Commemorative Air Force – Cleveland Wing for showing us one of Lorain County’s most exciting and unique attractions!

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