The Beautiful Flame


A celebrated Ohio landmark, Lorenzo’s has created an exciting new catering service that literally brings the restaurant to your doorstep. It’s called The Beautiful Flame.  And it’s on wheels.

It’s a mobile pizzeria, to be exact.

Just like an artist who studies painting techniques for years, Larry Cariglio, owner of Lorenzo’s, has learned the complex craft of making an authentic, Naples-style pizza (Pizza Napoletana).

Right before your eyes, Larry fires up oak or maple wood to a scorching 900° F, then pops the pizza in the oven. With a light-as-air crust, each pizza is done in less than two minutes because of the high temperature. The rapid cooking captures the freshest tastes of Italy and produces a seductive, smoky scent.

EXPERIENCE THE FLAME!  The Beautiful Flame is a custom-made brick oven that Larry has installed on a truck bed. He transports the oven to your party scene, whether it’s a wedding, graduation or birthday party, family reunion or anniversary celebration.  


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