Stepping Stones at King Ranch


Stepping Stones quilt barn square  is located at Robert L. King’s Ranch on Pitts Rd. The quilt pattern is a three-color variation of the nine perch Jacob’s Ladder quilt. Its origin is in Virginia and New England. The pattern resembles a brick path. It was painted by the Carlisle True 4-Hers 4-H Club. It was installed by Lorain Medina Rural Electric. Original design by Kathleen VanMeter.

In 1970 Robert King purchased his farm. King does not consider himself to “own” this breathtaking property. Instead, he states “I’m just blessed to have been its caretaker for the last 40 years”. This property  is commonly referred to as “bank barn” with the back end of the barn being higher than the front end. The 200 acre farm has been used for dairy by the original owners. Today, it is used to produce grain.

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