Known as the skinniest park in the Lorain County Metro Parks system. The trail is open to non-motorized traffic of all kinds (except skateboards), including walkers, runners, bicyclers, in-line skaters and cross-country skiers. The trail’s long 13 miles straight-aways pass through a variety of countryside including farm, field and forest, and numerous intersections serve as convenient places to jump on or off the trail. So grab your bike, in-line skates or cross-country skis and check it out!

The North Coast Inland Trail (NCIT) is a 12 foot wide, asphalt paved trail, built over the abandoned Toledo, Norwalk and Cleveland Railroad and runs for 65 miles from Elyria to Toledo with some sections still being built.  In 1992, seven park districts agreed to develop a system connecting trails in northwest Ohio, each managed by local jurisdictions. The NCIT is the result. The Lorain County Metro Parks’ portion runs from Elyria to Kipton, passing through Oberlin along the way.

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