Bascule Brewery & Public House


Bascule Brewery and Public House started from humble beginnings. When owners Chris and Fred met they found they both had similar passions for their hometowns. Little did they know when they looked to the support of the community of Lorain that they would be doing something unprecedented for the industry. From generous contributions from friends, supporters, and craft beer drinkers alike they managed to bring forth Lorain’s first brewery to begin operations in over 100 years. From the first sponsorship board on the wall of supporters, the floodgates have remained open. As contributor after contributor has come forth to be a part of a change in the community. In doing so the people have helped build one of the only breweries built on the support of its patrons instead of bank loans and investors. Bascule’s mission is to

“Raise the Bridge”

For all local businesses as well as become a central gathering spot for the community by incorporating local history, culture and creativity into every pint of beer they make.

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