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Lorain County’s Farmers Markets

Lorain County is known for its agriculture; so naturally, we have some excellent farmer’s markets. A recent trip to Spiegelberg Orchards in Lorain yielded fresh produce and a variety of apples including caramel apples.

For some reason, the apples always taste better from local orchards than from the grocery store. Maybe it’s because the apples are fresher and because you know it’s good for our local economy–buying directly from family farmers helps them stay in business.

In addition to apples, Spiegelberg Orchards features maple syrup, grapes and other fresh produce. They are located at 6161 Middle Ridge Road, Lorain, OH 44053.

For a listing of additional Lorain County farmers’ markets, gardens and orchards, visit the Lorain County Visitors Bureau website.

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Meet the Commemorative Air Force – Cleveland Wing

The Commemorative Air Force – Cleveland Wing graciously donated to the Lorain County Visitors Bureau an opportunity to ride in their World War II SNJ-4 trainer aircraft, known as the “Texan”. They wanted us to experience the thrill and excitement for ourselves so we could better promote them as a LCVB member. Well, we are […]

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