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Follow the Fish!

This week Kaitlin and I were out and about in Lorain County, just running a few errands for the office, and it ended up being a really exciting day thanks to Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trails! This was the first fish we ran across as we were walking in downtown Oberlin. It’s right in front of the Oberlin Business Partnership.

Driving through Lorain we came across another fish. This one was quite a bit bigger than the first one of the day, and a lot more colorful! It’s right by a stoplight, so when I saw it I excitedly scrambled for a camera from the passenger seat to get a quick picture while we were stopped. Check it and other great Lorain County sights on out Instagram page!
Later as we were making our way down Broadway we were lucky enough to spot the Follow the Fish store front, and a few of their neighbors have fish on display as well! It’s such a unique experience to be driving through a city and see a piece of one of a kind locally made artwork directing you towards an awesome local business you may not have otherwise seen!

Our next stop was back to the VLC office where we were greeted by our own fishy friend. He’s been hanging out here all summer!

You really never know where you’ll come across one of these fish, whether you seek them out or just happen to bump into one like Kaitlin and I did this week or when we were out writing this blog post. We’ve only shown you a handful of the fish, so you’d better get out there and find some for yourself! You can find the locations online, or stop in to our tourist information center at 8025 Leavitt Road, Amherst OH to pick up a copy of the Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trail guide.

Where have you been seeing fish around the county? Let us know in the comment section!


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