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Bucket List Item #1 – Kayak the Black River

#bucketlist item #1 is brought to you by a couple in their mid-forties who have kayaked a few times before on different vacations and trips. The one thing they’d love to do in Lorain County is kayak the Black River!


The photo chosen to represent kayaking the Black River shows a young paddler heading toward the Lofton Henderson Memorial Bridge aka Henderson Bridge. This bridge was built in 1939 and was named for World War II hero from Lorain that was killed at the Battle of Midway. To have a summer paddling adventure near this cool bridge, you can rent a kayak from Great Lakes Kayaking or The LoCo ‘Yak Shak.

There’s a lot more to see along the Black River than some stationary bridges though. The shoreline of the Black River is also a birding hotspot.


You can also enjoy waterfalls and scenic rock formations along the west branch of the river.


And what day of leisurely paddling would be complete without a sunset?


Now, some of you may want have Kayak the Black River on your bucket list with an entirely different experience in mind. Like the guy in this video did…

winter black river

No matter your style, leisurely or adventurous, we hope these images of kayaking the Black River have earned the activity a spot on your #bucketlist.


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Goodbye to our interns!

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20 Great Ways to Spend the Weekend in North Central Ohio

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Summer on Lake Erie

Summer on Lake Erie

There is still plenty of time to enjoy summer fun at Lorain County’s crowning jewel, Lake Erie!  Thanks to Lorain County’s prime location along the coast, its easy access to the lake provides many family fun activities to area visitors. Multiple fishing charters, marinas, and public boat launches are hoppin’ and so are events like: kayaking, water skiing, […]

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