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Top 4 St. Patrick’s Day Meals in Lorain County

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Reuben at Martino’s International Cafe | Vermilion, OH

 Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Well, at least we do our best to pretend to be. Celebrating the patron saint of Ireland has become a favorite cultural celebration here is the U.S. Our calendar of events features leprechaun hunts, live music and more. But for those of us who want to make like the Irish and feast, here are your top four St. Patrick’s Day meal choices in North Central Ohio.

4. Irish Burger and Potato Soup at The Depot at Union Station

Visit The Depot at Union Station in LaGrange for festive specials starting at 10am! This pub which embraces its town’s railroad history makes our list with their offering of your mandatory green beer!


Or if you need something a little stronger try their pot of gold shots or long Ireland iced teas! Drink up ye muckers!

3. Sheppard’s Pie at The Unicorn Restaurant & Pub

The Unicorn Restaurant & Pub in Grafton comes in at #3 which is appropriate since 2016 marks their 33rd annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Filled with Guinness beef this Sheppard’s Pie is sure to meet your fancy. Best of all, warm up before dinner with Irish & Folk Music by Lisa Spicer at 3:30pm and Bagpipes by Kevin at 4pm.

2. Corned Beef and Cabbage at Martino’s International Café

Martino’s International Café in Vermilion has worked hard to make this a fun St. Patrick’s Day for you and that has landed them at #2 on our list. Their friendly staff is ready for St Patty’s day and everyone’s appetite for juicy, tender Corned Beef and Cabbage…topped off with Redskin Potatoes and your choice of Potato Soup or Coleslaw of course.


Not able to get away? Martino’s can cater this meal to your workplace or elsewhere!

1. Reuben at Sterk’s of Oberlin


Coming in in the #1 spot, this Reuben has been described as, “delicious, ginormous, and filling”! The Reuben comes with a side of hand cut fries, or if you’d like to change it up, you can have the Reuben Briolle with a side salad…So many corned beef options, so little time!


Speaking of so little time, if you’re not able to make it out to celebrate on St. Patty’s Day, stop in at Sterk’s on Saturday or Sunday morning to continue the celebration with their Reuben Omelet! What better way to honor St. Pat than by finding a way to add hollandaise sauce to the celebration?


Green beer, live music, and simply mouthwatering Irish dishes sums up St. Patrick’s Day in Lorain County. Where will you be digging in?



**Photos compliments of Sterk’s of Oberlin and Martino’s International Cafe.


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