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Why We’re so Excited for the First Snow

Yes, yesterday it was 50 degrees out and we were in shorts exploring the rivers and streams of North Central Ohio, and today, we’re celebrating the first snow! If you’re packing for a trip to come here, we have one word for you: layers. One of the best things about the buckeye state is that it provides all four seasons, it’s just that sometimes it provides all four seasons in four days! The change in weather is welcome, though. It’s been 20 days since winter officially started, but snow didn’t stick to the ground until today. Lorain County received a beautiful, white dusting today, and here’s why we’re so excited for the first snow.

The Scenery

That same park we were exploring yesterday has a little different feel when it’s blanketed with snow and ice. The shale cliffs of Mill Hollow take your breath away.Mill Hollow in Winter


Have you ever tried this traditional winter activity? If you haven’t, don’t worry, the Lorain County Metro Parks will teach you how, and provide you with the equipment!

LCMP Snowshoe

Photo courtesy of Lorain County Metro Parks

Wining & Dining

When it’s cold outside there are always a few things that will warm you up. Comfort food will usually do the trick. We recommend an Open Faced Pot Roast Sandwich from Smitty’s in Elyria. If that doesn’t work, a few glasses of wine may do the trick. Take a sip at Vermilion Valley Vineyards and enjoy this winter setting.

Vermilion Valley Vineyards in Winter

The Scenery Again

Snow along the banks of the river is pretty, but snow along the banks of the lake is stunning. Here’s the “Jewel of the Port” all dressed in white.

snowy lighthouse

Fat Tires

That’s right, snow on the ground means off-roading! Rent one of these bad boys from Swerve Bike Shop in Oberlin (reopening January 19th).

Swerve Bike Shop Fat Tire Bike

Photo courtesy of Swerve Bike Shop


Prefer two feet on the ground? Hit the great outdoors for a winter hike on your own, or join a scheduled hike, like the Annual Buckeye Trail Winter Hike at Findley State Park.

Winter Hike

Did we mention The Scenery?

Is this getting old yet? We hope not, because what’s the point of traveling if it’s not to see new places?! These are the places you have to see in Lorain County, like the Patchwork Trails.

Patchwork Trails of Lorain County

Here’s to hoping you make it to Lorain County, North Central Ohio this winter! Follow us on Facebook for more scenic winter views and snowy activities.

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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

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