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Fall with Friends

One of Lorain County’s best features is its scenic landscape, and what makes that landscape so unique is that its beauty is not limited to a few months out of the year. Our lakeside communities change with the seasons, leaving us to enjoy their splendor with new eyes every few months. This fall was no exception.

I can’t think of a better way to take in the wonder of a stunning season than with friends, so here’s a photo recap of how fall looked for our friends around Lorain County and the surrounding area.

@buzzybuzzin on Instagram highlights the colors of Cascade Park in Elyria, Ohio:

Fall in Cascade Park from buzzybuzzin 4Fall in Cascade Park from buzzybuzzin 3 Fall in Cascade Park from buzzybuzzinFall in Cascade Park from buzzybuzzin 2

@MILLERBOATLINE and @ShoresIslandsOH on Twitter give us a different perspective on “fall colors”:

Fall from Miller FerriesFall on Lake Erie Shores and Islands

While Lorain County Sacred Landmarks Initiative on Facebook shares some sites less seen:

Fall from Lorain County Sacred Landmarks Fall from Lorain County Sacred Landmarks (2)

Riverdog Retreat of Oberlin, Ohio on Facebook proves they know how to party, not only with music, but with costumes as well:

Fall at Riverdog

@dancersstudiooberlin on Instagram shows that fall is good for more than singing and dressing up, it’s good for dancing too:

Fall from Oberlin Dance Studios

@Oberlin_News on Twitter shares another picturesque location:

Fall from Oberlin College and Conservatory

Lorain Lighthouse on Facebook showcases those other fall colors:

Fall at Lorain Lighthouse

And Fitch’s Farm Market on Facebook does too:

Fall at Fitch's Farm Market@commongroundzip on Twitter brings us back to the traditional fall foliage…I mean INTO the traditional fall foliage:

Fall at Common Ground Canopy Tours 5Fall at Common Ground Canopy Tours Fall at Common Ground Canopy Tours 4 Fall at Common Ground Canopy Tours 3

And @cedarpoint on Twitter leaves us with an extreme and extremely beautiful fall view via @hellocassyh ‘s photo:

Fall at Cedar Point from Cassy Harris

Share your photos of Lorain County’s scenic landscape with us by using #VisitLorainCounty.

For more information on any of the locations pictured above, like how to visit or where to stay, check out our website at or send us a message at









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Lorain County Hauntings

Lorain County Hauntings

Halloween is sneaking up on us and just waiting for an opportunity to give you a good scare! There are plenty of opportunities for spooky fun in Lorain County, whether you’re interested in hearing some local legends and ghost stories or walking through some of the most terrifying haunted houses around. Here’s our countdown of the top […]

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Apples, and Pumpkins, and Children, Oh My!

Apples, and Pumpkins, and Children, Oh My!

This week in Northeastern Ohio we are enchanted by all things fall.  The leaves have begun to change and we’re seeing the first glimpse of flaming crimson and glowing yellow leaves. Meanwhile, our beloved Lake Erie is keeping the temps in the mid to upper 70s for us to fully enjoy all things autumn. In […]

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20 Great Ways to Enjoy North Central Ohio in the Fall

  The changing leaves signal a whole new season of adventures in store for you in Lorain County! From pick-your-own produce, to crisp bike rides over the fallen leaves and Halloween fairs, you’ll never be bored! Don’t worry, we’ve done the ground work for you and gathered a list of some scenic ways to enjoy […]

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