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Cabela’s National Team Championship 2017

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Lake Erie spreads itself out along the shores of Lorain County and onward. Some of the nicest beaches settle themselves along our shoreline and attract visitors, families and adventurers alike. Many of our festivals and summertime affairs take place beside the water. Ask anyone who has grown up beside the water and you will understand how much the pull of the tide keeps the people at bay. Surely it’s the same when we plan our vacations. Whether it’s for kayaking or long days at the beach, an abundance of water is an almost necessary part of any adventure.

Lorain County hosts such events as the International Festival and the Lorain Lighthouse tours. We cater to the cyclists searching for miles of back roads and beaches, the fine dining foodies in need of a new taste from a new place and, of course, the water fanatics with their boats weighing anchor in the harbor of the Black River wharf. If it isn’t food from around the world or the history in its roots all the way back to the industrial revolution, then it’s the call to the water that draws our adventurists here.

In Lorain County, we have something for everyone. This week we focus on the fishing scene as the Cabela’s National Team Championship takes over Black River Landing with a fierce competition.

If you have been keeping up on your Lake Erie news, then you will know what this tournament is all about. Starting Wednesday, June 7, 251 teams of North America’s top walleye anglers will cast their reels at the earliest morning light.

Not only has this been a large turnout for the NTC, but championship is high-stakes with a payback of nearly 400 percent of the entry fees already paid. For a minimum of $256,000 in both cash and prizes, anglers will also have the chance to win 50 custom Cabela’s All-American rings, trophies, travel stipends, plaques and more.

Cabela's NTC 16

2016 Cabela’s NTC Champions–Photo Courtesy of The Walleye Federation

For the first two days, anglers will fish for their best five catches to the scale every day to weigh in. Only the top 25 teams will advance to the final round for the third day. We can see why the competition is fierce! Only three days to compete for all the cash and prizes, plus the title that comes with this 2017 NTC.

Summertime in Lorain County will heat up fast this week when the boats are waiting in the harbor. The Lorain County Commissioners, in collaboration with the Lorain Port Authority, City of Lorain and Visit Lorain County, are proud to host this nationally recognized tournament.

We have some of the best walleye fishing in the world and what better way to showcase our fishing game in the Central Basin than with a steep competition for professional anglers?

Come out and join us as we cheer on each team to victory.

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2015 Lake Erie Fishing at a Glance

2015 Lake Erie Fishing at a Glance

Located along the shores of Lake Erie’s Central Basin, Lorain County is “Waist High in Walleye”.  As a premier recreational fishing destination, North Central Ohio welcomes many visitors each year. In 2015 visitors and anglers turned to our Facebook page, Lake Erie Fishing, for up-to-the-minute fishing reports, weather updates, news, and stories. Here’s a quick […]

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Reel in a tasty fish dish!

Looking for a Friday fish fry or seasonal fish specials? You came to the right place! THE FRIDAY FISH FRY  The Rose Cafe at Lakeview Park 1800 West Erie Avenue, Lorain The Orchid Cafe at Miller Nature Preserve 2739 Center Road, Avon (440) 937-0764 Fish Fry by Chef Mario Izzo 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Every Friday through […]

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Catch a great fish dish in Lorain County!

Catch a great fish dish in Lorain County!

Whether you are looking for a Friday fish fry or seasonal fish specials, you came to the right place! Orchid Cafe Friday menu THE FRIDAY FISH FRY The Orchid Cafe at Miller Nature Preserve2739 Center Road, Avon (440) 937-0764 Fish Fry by Chef Mario Izzo 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Every Friday through April 18! […]

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