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Paddle Boarding, anyone?

Yes, I do realize there is only one full day left of summer. But there are many beautiful days still ahead of us in north central Ohio. And as I stood on the beach at Lakeview Park in Lorain this week and watched a paddleboarder in front of the picturesque view of the Lorain lighthouse I knew there was still plenty of time to try something new. Ironically the Lake Erie Paddler himself was there as I went to leave that evening with boards in tow. Disappointingly, I did not jump on a board right then and there and give it a go, but it did prompt me to pull this from our summer archives. Please read on as our intern, Melody, shares her first experience on a paddleboard…

I was recently given the chance to try the latest and, in my opinion, greatest water sport to hit Lake Erie–stand up paddling (SUP)! I was absolutely amazed at how much fun I had and the endless potential for killer work out while just paddling around the cove. Keeping my balance engaged all of my muscles and the morning after, my arm muscles definitely reminded me that I had done something new.

After I was back on land, I got to chatting with Jim Lawhead, founder of Lake Erie Paddler, about the physical benefits of this sport. He told me about a Hawaiian man he met when he was first discovering SUP who lost 30 pounds just paddling a few miles every day.

If you’re more of a thrill seeker, maybe stand up paddling will be a stepping stone before mastering paddle board surfing. Once you get the hang of it, there are huge benefits over regular surfing–the most obvious being that you can spot the waves faster when you’re standing up and get a better chance to catch the wave.

Another really cool aspect of these boards is the new fitness trend SUP yoga. Not only does SUP yoga provide all the benefits of traditional yoga, it also has the added components of balancing on your board and being in the tranquil state of mind that only being surrounded by water can induce. The class begins by paddling out onto the water, then you move into your poses while the current brings you in, and then paddle back out, this time focusing on your paddle technique to get the most physical benefit.

I would highly recommend a day on these boards to anyone, young and old. You can craft the experience to whatever suits you best, whether it’s an adventurous excursion on the black river or a blissful morning doing yoga on the water.


I hope you were able to get out and try something new this summer. If not, there’s still time! Go to where more inspiration and adventure await.

For paddleboard rentals try Lake Erie Paddler and West River Kayak & Canoe

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posted by lorain at 3:03 pm

BYOE for BRAB Music Lovers!

BYOE for BRAB Music Lovers!

Now I know what you’re thinking–BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything)…on the Back Roads and Beaches Route? While we don’t doubt your ability to lug a picnic, wine, lawn chairs, and more on your bike or in your backpack, “everything” you need for a day on BRAB followed by an evening at Riverdog Retreat‘s inaugural Music at […]

posted by lorain at 4:04 pm

Be Carefree On the BRAB

Be Carefree On the BRAB

Summer is the height of the cycling season here in north central Ohio. The weather is great and so are the trails. Inspired by a favorite website…here are some ways to make your normal ride fun and carefree! 1. Sing, dance a bit, have fun loudly as you pass pedestrians, people in their yards, people […]

posted by lorain at 1:01 pm

Races With a Twist (and not just in the route)

Back Roads and Beaches Run, Wine and Dine It’s that time of year again! The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and local races are popping up left and right. Have you ran the same local 5k every year for as long as you can remember? Looking for a way to spice things up […]

posted by lorain at 11:11 am
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