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Get your legs pumping at Findley State Park!

With the warm weather in full force, our anxious legs can’t
wait to hop on a bike and ride off into the sunshine! So what better place to
get those legs pumping than at Findley State Park on Route 58 in Wellington? I
recently took my first ever venture out to Findley, and learned that the
breathtaking 838 acres holds something for everyone.
I have always heard the rumors of the beautiful camping
sites, beach, and stunning views of Findley, but did you know that it is also
home to a renowned mountain bike trail? Off one of the many hiking trails, the
sun pokes through the trees and illuminates a lush green forest with a small
trail, marked by a friendly sign reading “Thorn Mountain Bike Trail”. But don’t
let the tweeting birds and surrounding wildflowers fool you, the Thorn is one
wild ride.
A twisting 9 miles of single loop track through heavy woods,
the Thorn offers terrain that is both challenging and exciting.  Climb steep hills, round 180* turns, and face
obstacles like log rides and even teeter-totters! Sounds fun, right? You’ll
also be looping around their lake, and taking in all the beauty that the state
park has to offer.
Feeling like taking a more relaxing route first? Not a
problem. With 7 other bike trails, and amenities like Frisbee golf, canoeing,
and fishing, Findley’s got you covered. You can even pick a day to engage one
of the naturalist programs that they offer, including fishing, crafts and even

Every day is a great day to visit Findley State Park, but
the one I picked was extra special. The Director of the Ohio Department of
Natural Resources was visiting on the same day, and announced his future
efforts with Findley to work on some of the campsites and amenities there. Get
a whiff of fresh air, and keep an eye out for the improvements at Findley State

posted by lorain at 12:12 pm

Back Roads and Beaches Picks up the Paddle

Back Roads and Beaches Picks up the Paddle

Lake Erie kayaking off Lorain Kayakers searching for fresh water and a scenic view will find Lake Erie a perfect stop on their path to fun this summer. The season for kayaking has begun here in north central Ohio. Nestled in the north central shoreline of Ohio, Lorain County is home to some of the most scenic areas surrounding […]

posted by lorain at 4:04 pm

Adventure Weekend—Mountain Bike Ice Racing and More

Adventure Weekend—Mountain Bike Ice Racing and More

No such thing as “post-holiday blues” this weekend. Embrace the winter and embark on an adventure weekend! A truly original winter blast!The North Coast Mountain Bikers have developed a cross country, mountain bike, ice course on Findley Lake at Findley State Park in Wellington, OH. (check out map below for directions) Racing will be Saturday […]

posted by lorain at 1:01 pm
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