Be Carefree On the BRAB

Summer is the height of the cycling season here in north central Ohio. The weather is great and so are the trails. Inspired by a favorite website…here are some ways to make your normal ride fun and carefree!

1. Sing, dance a bit, have fun loudly as you pass pedestrians, people in their yards, people shopping. You may just brighten their day with your voice or your silly antics.

2. Re-master that childhood wheelie. The Thorn Trail at Findley State Park is an excellent place to practice!

3. Fill a cooler with cured meats, beer or local wine, and other snacks. Stash it in the woods somewhere along the route of the the next ride. When the group reaches that spot, feign a mechanical problem, then unveil your surprise.

4. Plan out a local ride that’s half made-up of roads you’ve never been on. Lorain County is huge, explore every nook and cranny!

5. Get one new person to go on a ride every week this summer. This is a fun way to meet new people.

6. Ride up your favorite descent—and down your favorite climb. Try looking at your normal route differently!

Above all…get out there, have fun, be safe and ride to your heart’s content this summer on the BRaB!!

~Kaitlin’s How to Have More Fun was my inspiration…I adapted a bit from their list…how much more fun can you add to your summer?

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