A Summer of History in Lorain County

From historical landmarks, to art; Lorain County, OH is the heart of many significant historical movements and events, as well as home to many important historical figures. The Lorain County Historical Society and Museum, the Spirit of ’76 Museum, and the North Ridgeville Historical Society and Museum are just three of the many historical landmarks Lorain County has to offer. Spend some time this summer exploring north central Ohio’s historical roots. Who says learning has to stop during the summer?

The Lorain Historical Society, itself, has an appealing history that dates back to over 120 years, when it was established in 1888. In 1975 the Lorain Historical Society purchased a former mansion known as the Hickories in Elyria, OH to use as the headquarters for the museum and historical society, where it remains today.

Photo courtesy of The Lorain County Historical Society
This home once belonged to Arthur L. Garford, local inventor, industrialist, politician, and philanthropist. Visitors can tour the museum Tuesday through Friday, 1–4pm and Saturday, 1–3pm. The Lorain Historical Society provides information on Garford’s past and influence upon Lorain County, as well as various educational programs and art displays that relate to the overall history of Lorain County.
The Spirit of ’76 Museum in Wellington, OH serves as an important historical tribute to Archibald Willard and his painting “Yankee Doodle”, now known as “The Spirit of ‘76”. The museum includes over 4,000 artifacts from the surrounding time period including Revolutionary and Civil War artifacts. The museum is open April 1–October 31, Saturday and Sunday, 1–3:30pm. (Photo courtesy of Town of Marblehead, MA)
Visitors will learn the history behind the local artist and how his painting has transformed into American and Revolutionary iconography and regarded as the nation’s most inspirational painting of all time.
Spirit of ’76 Museum photo by Rona Proudfoot
Another facet of Lorain County’s history can be found in North Ridgeville, OH. Visitors can experience local history by touring the historical society’s museum, located on the first floor of the Olde Towne Hall.
The extensive collection of artifacts and mementos including farming/agricultural items, military items, antique furniture, historical papers, photographs, etc. were gathered over the years from area residents. The museum is open on the last Sunday of every month (except December) from 2–5pm. Also available for touring is the historic Jaycox School, a one-room school house on Jaycox Rd., also open on the last Sunday of every month (April–October) from 2–5pm. The North Ridgeville Historical Society is currently celebrating their bicentennial anniversary with special programs and events through October 2010. (Olde Towne Hall courtesy of North Rideville Historical Society)

Jaycox School photo courtesy of North Ridgeville Historical Society
For more information on Lorain County, visit our website, email us at visitors@visitloraincounty.com, call us at (440) 984-5282, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information on other historical organizations or museums in Lorain County, take a look at our member directory.
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