Patchwork Trails

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  • Acorn at Common Ground

    Acorn is located at Common Ground on Baird. Rd

  • Americana at Days of Yore

    Americana is located at the Days of Yore Herb and Flower Farm on Jones Rd.

  • Arrow Block at Gott Barn
    New London

    Arrow Block is located at Fred and Donna Gott's Barn on Gore Orphanage Rd.

  • Bowtie at McConnell Farm

    Bowtie is located at McConnell Farm on S.R. 58

  • Buckeye Block at OSU Extension

    Buckeye Block is located at OSU Extension on Russia Rd.

  • Corn and Beans at Fridenstine Barn

    Corn and Beans is located at the farm of John and Lois Fridenstine.

  • Desert Panes at Firelands Association of the Visual Arts

    Desert Panes is located at the New Union Center on S. Main St, Oberlin.

  • Dolly Madison at Twining Barn

    Dolly Madison is located at Ray & Sarah Twining's Barn on Griggs Rd.

  • Flutter Wheel at Matus Barn

    Flutter Wheel was located at John Matus' Barn on Gifford Rd. The square, along with the barn on which it hung, was lost to fire on May 3.

  • Horsin' Around 4-H Style at Lorain County Fairgrounds

    Horsin' Around 4-H Style is located at the Lorain County Fairgrounds on Fairgrounds Rd.

  • Memory at Raab Barn

    Memory is located at Rich and Bernie Raab's Barn on Pitts Rd.

  • Nine Holes in the Barn Door at Miller Orchards

    Nine Holes in the Barn Door is located at Miller Orchards on Vermilion Rd.

  • Old Indian Trail at Mill Hollow

    Old Indian Trail is located at Mill Hollow on North Ridge Rd.

  • Primrose Path at Community Foundation

    Primrose Path is located at the Community Foundation of Lorain County on Leavitt Rd.

  • Rocky Road to California at Mill Hollow Nursery

    Rocky Road to California is located at Mill Hollow Nursery on North Ridge Rd.

  • Shoofly at Born Grain Elevator

    Shoofly is located at Howard Born's Grain Elevator on Haigh Rd.

  • Stepping Stones at King Ranch

    Stepping Stones is located at Robert L King's Ranch on Pitts Rd.

  • Track in the Snow at Fridenstine Barn

    Tracks in the Snow is located at Paul and Linda Fridenstine''s Barn on West Hamilton St.

  • Weathervane Pinwheel at Valerius Barn

    Weathervane Pinwheel is located at Ed Valerius' Barn on Garfield Rd.

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