7 Most Haunted for Tourist Locations in Indonesia

Talking about the most haunted tourist sites, Indonesia has many mystical stories that until now are very difficult to forget. The local and foreign travelers also believe that the country holds more terrible places.
Interestingly, they are never deterred from always making visits. Because Indonesia is the best country that is always able to welcome the arrival of tourists. And there’s no need to elaborate, let’s just take a look at some of the tourist sites that are said to be the most haunted of all time, including;

  1. Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi
    Alas Purwo National Park is a rainforest located in the lowlands. Initially, the beach in Banyuwangi has the charm of a beach that is so beautiful and charming. But who would have thought that along the way it gave off a mystical aura. According to local residents, the forest often gives rise to kuntilanak, gendruwo and other subtle creatures.
  2. Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi
    Still from Banyuwangi, Baluran National Park is a recreational arena that has hundreds of species of plants and dozens of mammals. The thing that makes the area attractive is the presence of wild bull, monkey and monitor lizard species. Towards the road is certainly not easy, more precisely at night. Where there are many incidents of vehicles breaking down in the middle of the night. That’s because they often encounter strange and invisible sightings. Various unnatural accidents have occurred until this moment.
  3. Gunung Kawi, Malang
    Malang certainly doesn’t want to give up on tourist attractions that are said to be the most haunted. Gunung Kawi, which has been the location for climbing, pilgrimages to Islamic boarding schools and other activities, often presents a negative aura. Some local residents have a routine obligation to perform rituals every Legi Friday Night. This was done to commemorate the death of Grandmother Jugo (Kyai Zakaria II) and Grandmother Sujo (Raden Mas Iman Sudjono) as caretakers. On the one hand, this location is often used as an area for pesugihan because there are genies.
  4. Lawang Sewu, Malang
    Also from Malang, Lawang Sewu which is a historic building is considered to have a thousand doors. Interestingly, all the doors are interconnected directly. But the visitors are very difficult to count the number of doors. Reportedly the building was a former Dutch colony. The place is still active, but only operates from morning to 9 pm.
  5. Mount Merapi, DIY
    The Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) also has another story related to mystical aura. Mount Merapi, which was often used as a filming location, has turned into the most horror area. Several years ago a number of climbers successfully conquered the peak of the mountain with a height of 2,930 meters above sea level. Ironically, many lives were lost during the ascent. That’s because the wandering spirits don’t really like seeing strangers going in and out of the area.
  6. Casablanca Tunnel, Jakarta
    The Casablanca Tunnel is the busiest street in Jakarta. Initially the tunnel was erected over a mass grave. Broadly speaking, this location is the largest public burial relocation area. But unfortunately many people died due to fatal accidents. Even though the street looks calm, the activities of jinn and other spirits always disturb the riders.
  7. Bedugul Recreation Park, Bali
    And Bali is not only famous for its extraordinary natural exoticism. Behind all that, there are also the most haunted and scary tours. Based on the experience of online slot gambling players, they often get spiritual disturbances while in Bedugul Recreation Park.